‘Facing Page’!

Considering the frequency with which I’d been posting pictures on my Facebook Wall, it appeared much more convenient and logical to share my work on a dedicated site, and to this end, I’ve created my own Facebook Page, which can be accessed at: www.facebook.com/santigris .

By ‘liking’ the page, you will allow me to pop up on your news-feed from time to time with my visual creations.  I hope you will enrich me with your active participation.

Thank you.

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  1. bharatvarma says:

    Nice review, Santosh.Just a word to the wise, facebook is less than stellar at rendering images, especially photographs. It actually butchers them.Prepare an image to your satisfaction (720 pixels wide is the facebook norm), and then upload and view it in facebook. Refresh your browser page to get rid of the black background that facebook has now started applying to photographs. Download the resultant image and compare it with the original.Redbubble.com has a feature wherein stuff that you put up there appears with a thumbnail and a link on your facebook page. Not as convenient as an album on facebook but at least the quality of the image is maintained.


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