The Dark Side of Sandy Piper


Sandy Piper, to my knowledge, is unrelated to the Pied Piper, although she too has the power to attract a great following. But more than her leadership, it is her changeableness that she counts as her inherent strength at job interviews. By default she is built to moderate proportions, but on frosty mornings she can puff up like an overfed and bellicose cat, in the process appearing singularly antithetical to her otherwise petite form.

A meritorious graduate of the Avian School of Performing Arts, she is frequently given to flying away dramatically with a flutter when a passerby is almost over her without having a clue as to her presence, commissioning therewith a startling yet euphonious background score of her own invention to make the flight pleasurable and then settling down at a safe distance to resume bouncing her rump as though dancing retrospectively to the tune played moments before.

But all this gentle innocent adorableness ensconces a dark secret, and that is that she looks perfectly good even the light is behind her.

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