The Sole Seed – BBC WPOTY 2010 Finalist

From the precinct of the passionate heart arose a dream to shoot at the stars. The aim was high, the challenge was daunting and the reward not slight. The distance was great but the dream pressed on relentlessly, blissfully blind to the light-years in between, and fuelled by the motto that to pit oneself against the best is the ultimate quest for glory, and a tryst with the most coveted is to the human spirit of thought, endeavour and creation, befitting as an honour of the highest order.

So in the wake of this charged setting of superlatives, I entered some of my modest work to that which is considered the most prestigious wildlife photography competition on the planet – one that touches, moves and moulds with the unthinkable standards of excellence it inspires and showcases. Considered thoughtfully for their merit by the acumen of the most august imaging and natural history folk of our time, nine of my products halted their charge in the second round, earning the posthumous title thereby of ‘Semi-finalist’, and leaving in the gusty winds of scrutiny the hopes of a flowering pinned on a sole seed.

Presented here in sincerest humility and gratitude is the one that reached the final frontier but couldn’t breach it. At the ultimate threshold it stumbled and over the last hurdle its legs couldn’t carry it, but the ride brought in tow splendid tides and there ensued in the heart a terrific upheaval that carried to soaring heights those wishes that sit restively in a corner and make incessant advances at the skies. Redemption came to within the sight of twinkling eyes but not the grasp of a wishful hand.

At another time and another place, the throbbing will resume, the eyes will twinkle and the hands will stretch again to the stars, and when the clouds part and the light breaks through, glory shall be his who has desired it with all his heart and deserved it with all his soul.

To read the story behind this image, click here.

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