Bill Spatula in Shangri La

He has a pony tail but is not a stallion. He carries on his very person a kitchen utensil but is not a chef. He has long legs but is not a model, so who in the golly name is he, then?

Well, this Punk Rocker, as I’ve introduced earlier in another post, was, you see, not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but was in fact endowed with a wooden one. This, in course of time, developed into a spatula and he came to be known as Bill Spatula, not a particularly flattering or glamorous name, you realise. And although at first this proved to be an encumbrance on both his convenience and reputation, as considered unsightly is a long snout, through a combination of hard work and imagination, he improvised to end up using this very unwelcome endowment to his advantage, using it to catch fish with great dexterity!  Thus with his soi distant talent and striking looks, the fairer sex began taking notice before long, and when he had had enough of his bachelorhood and sought a mate, he splashed some yellow on his throat and got one.
And as he stands on a cool morning looking even cooler and as dashing as they come in perfect harmony with his surroundings, he stands out of the ambiance like a jasmine shines through amid a shrub, and with gentle elegance, shows us that it’s just as well that he’s not a stallion, chef or a model, for he’s mighty good as Bill Spatula.

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