Croony Walker

In the rarified pantheon of folks who’ve broken through their boundaries, a plucky geezer called Croony Walker is prominent. First emerging to the fore after going beyond paddy fields and lending his presence to scrub and grassland landscapes, he then shrugged off the oblique reference in his species name to a device used in a chemistry laboratory. Developing then into a gutsy customer who likes to allow the photographer to approach within sniffing distance before lifting his derriere into the air, he became an oft-published personality on page one of nature photography websites. Now despite all this serious metamorphosis, he found that amateur birdwatchers and photographers were confusing him with larks way too often despite his pink beak, slenderer body and longer tail, so he created a song of his own and began crooning in right earnest. And at last, when to polish off this new-found identity as a singing dilettante, he took off the air the advertisement of his relationship with the wagtail family by wagging less and walking more, Croony Walker’s transformation was complete.

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