Portfolio of a Princess

A Green-Carpet Welcome: When all hope was lost and chances seemed thinner than a shoestring, against all odds emerged from the woods this precocious girl of incredible audacity, crossed between a crowd of vehicles and walked out into the open where an exalted crowd of stunned onlookers gave her a rapturous green-carpet welcome on the lush turf of the charmed Andhiyari Jhiriya meadow.


Eyes that Mesmerize: After making a sensational entry – the girl had some sense of occasion and timing – this ‘princess’ of the Vindhyas took centre-stage and parked her derriere right there seeming as though desirous of having her portfolio made. At the edge of the meadow, vigorous watchers now enthused by such favourable behaviour obliged readily and fired away at the top-speed of their cameras to their cards’ content. And as the celebrated princess sat exuding oodles of pizzazz through her mesmeric eyes that allowed no escape from their grasp, this correspondent, in a moment of reflection, wondered whether what was on the turf was to be adored as a precocious little object of great loveliness or to be revered as evolution’s best shot at perfection yet.


Lawn Tennis: Presently, her magnetism seemed to attract an uninvited guest too, when a butterfly fluttered by to investigate the source of the ado, which of course was a very pretty cat on a very pretty flat. Upon having located the epicenter of the fuss, it sailed over the subject, while the princess, although not appearing overtly riled by such unsolicited intrusion into her dimensional space, simply swatted blankly with her unsightly but articulate tail serving as a perfunctory racquet, winning thereby the game, set and match, and giving the ‘fly a swift notice of expulsion. The butterfly complied and never returned and there being no equal for the champion standing alone, the match was a walkover and the audience broke into a rapturous applause for having received its money’s worth through this brief and lopsided but fascinating encounter.


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