On the Back of a Dream

On the Back of a Dream is my maiden video production and I’m really excited to share it because it is as much a culmination of a dream as is the trip that made it possible.

Videos, specifically well-compiled montages and slickly-edited films, have fascinated me for a long time, and ever since video-equipped DSLRs became a reality, I had always fondly eyed the prospect of making my own little montage someday.

In June 2012, along with a brand-new wife, I made my much-dreamed-of tour to Kenya’s three famous wildlife areas – Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara, and due to Africa’s faunal richness, the generous length of the safaris and the abundance of opportunities, I took quite a few dozen videos with a Nikon D800 and various lenses.

This largest cache of videos I’d ever shot lay dormant as a dead horse for many months until I procured the best tool for editing them – an iMac – and finally put in a few hours of hard work choosing the footage and the music, and putting it all together.

The result, riding on the back of a dream, is here.

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  1. Great clippings… the background music really sets in the mood (reminded me of the Lion King movie 🙂 )


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