The Ultimate Cat


‘Ultimate’ is a word not to be trifled with. It signifies utmost supremacy, implies lack of parallel and denotes proximity to perfection.  But so does he.

He is the jungle’s first citizen.

As an incarnation of majesty, embodiment of grace and manifestation of fantasy, he stands atop the food chain with the authority of a president but the attitude of a peasant. He seldom shouts, for his silence is louder than sound. He doesn’t thump his chest, for his mere presence mints power.  If he is seen, he leaves an impression.  If he is not seen, he leaves an impression nevertheless.  And when he leaves an impression, it lasts.

He is the forest’s finest gentleman.

We don’t know why he is endowed with so much beauty.  All we know is he is endowed with much beauty. His appeal transcends gender, age and geography as he holds a perennial grip on the top of the popularity charts. A glimpse of him is more valued than that of the Kohinoor. He is rare, precious and irreplaceable.

He is the world’s favourite creature.

In his orange eyes and hypnotic stripes, he embodies a frightfully beautiful animal and as he sashays down a forest path in his narcotic gait offering flashes of the otherworldly, he shows why the word suits him perfectly.

For he is the Ultimate Cat.


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