Fundraiser – Prints for Sale

Anybody for a symbiotic relationship?

It’s that time when my pockets are over-mined and the feasibility of my engaging in the continued pursuit of my art this month seriously undermined.

Therefore in an effort to raise funds for an upcoming project, I am offering two of my most cherished pictures for sale, in the form of large-format framed prints.

Both prints have been hanging on the walls of my study for less than three months at the time of writing this, are in mint condition and will grace any wall with beauty and longevity.

These pictures are special because they are two of my personal favourites and were lovingly processed by me and printed in my presence on high-quality archival media, for the purpose of display in my study where more such pictures are processed and written about every day.

These frames weren’t meant for sale, intended as they were for my personal pleasure and inspiration, but the present pressing need for funds has prompted me to pass them on.

The prints are located in Bangalore, India, and I cannot ship them because they’re big, framed and too fragile to be thrown into cargo.  I can, however, remove them from the frames and ship them in a roll if you’re in another city and want to buy them.

Payment accepted in full before or at the time of delivery, by bank transfer or cash. Proceeds from the sale will go into hopefully producing more such images.  If interested, please write to  Details of the images follow.

Thank you!

Framed Print 1 – ‘The Land of Endless Dreams’
Code T001
Size: 28 x 40 inches (including 2-inch borders)
Medium: Hahnemuehle Fine-Art Monet Canvas (410 GSM); rated life 200 years
Frame: Dark-tan with black border, 1.5-inch plastic frame with metal string for hanging

The Land of Endless Dreams‘ is one of my most loved visuals from Bandhavgarh, of the Kankati tigress in the fabled Chakradhara grassland on a magical summer morning in 2012.

The Hahnemuehle Monet canvas on which it is printed, is simply the heaviest and best digital art medium manufactured by the celebrated company, and is an exceptional way in which to behold and enjoy the image.  The size is an awesome 28×40 inches including a two-inch border all around, with the image title, dates, print number and my name inscribed on it in an elegant, non-distracting way. 

This will be a limited edition print restricted to a print run of 20 if I commence selling prints regularly, and is numbered ‘1’ ensuring that there’ll never be another copy exactly the same as it, and making it a bona fide collectible.

The print is UV-coated with high quality varnish to protect it from the elements and is framed in an elegant tan-coloured plastic frame [no wood cut here for pleasure!], making it eco-friendly and light. And since it doesn’t need and have a glass front, there is no glare so you can hang it right opposite a window if you wish.

The print is not hand-signed as it was meant for my use but I can sign it upon request.  I can also issue a certificate of authenticity to confirm its exclusivity.

Price – Rs. 9500 

Please write to with the reference code ‘T001’ if you’re interested in buying this framed print.

Framed Print 2 – ‘Polite Authority’
Code T002
Size: 24 x 36 inches (including borders)
Medium: Epson Fine-Art Archival Matte; rated approximately 50 years
Frame: Glass front, dark-tan with black border, 1.5-inch plastic frame with metal string for hanging

Polite Authority‘ is a stunning open-edition portrait of a big male tiger I photographed on a cool winter afternoon in Kanha Tiger Reserve.  Printed on Epson matte archival paper (rated for 50 years)  including a generous border on all sides and framed in dark-tan faux-wood plastic [no wood cut for this either] and a clear, high-transparency glass front, this image is a good way of reminding yourself of the incredible power yet the restrained grace of this awe-inspiring animal, and the need to secure its future.

Price – Rs. 5500

Please write to with the reference code ‘T002’ if you’re interested in buying this framed print.

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