A Tale of Two Stars

T28 Star Male Tiger Ranthambhore © Santosh Saligram

It was late afternoon when Star assumed a seat by the lakeside, and despite the fire in the sky, it seemed to get brighter by his presence, and the howling dry wind, just a little warmer. The day was longer because of his lingering, yet time verily shorter. Light had slowed to the speed of time, and time had taken the velocity of light.

But Star sat with quiet, regal composure, awhile watching a pair of peacocks in formation, the raucous lapwings policing their nesting grounds, and other such earthly details, before receiving the guest party of his mate and munchkin for a filial meeting involving much cheek-rubbing.

After his significant others had launched into their evening jaunt and transited into the twilight, he walked by the palm trees, in a robe of silken grace woven with the thread of authority, sanctifying the tapestry he treaded. Stepping as though on the keys of an invisible piano, he played a beautiful song with such grace and delicacy, even the eyes could hear the euphony.

Touched, the sun blushed orange and tumbled from the sky, to meet his ‘distant’ cousin who had tamed his raging dance with a set of elegant moves. Both disappeared beyond the infinity pool into the rendezvous night, even as the moon kept watch for the truant stars.

“How beautiful!” thought I, “one star chasing another,” not knowing that they could never meet, because they were already one.

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