A question-provoking encounter in Kabini

We understood that the tiger had earlier that morning been seen next to the carcass, and was presently resting in the lantana undergrowth. It was only when I saw a video captured by a lucky witness to the incident (below) that I realised, stunned, what had happened.

A Feeling Called Tiger

I’ve felt it far more often than I’ve seen it. In the rustle of the leaves it’s resident, and the thunder over the distant hills brings its euphony. The inchoate buds issue its fragrance, and the sway of the windswept grass talks of its silent jaunt. The frenetic calls of alarm evoke its presence, and…

Not A ‘Dry’ Morning

Optimism hadn’t paid often. And I say if optimism doesn’t pay, try persistence. If persistence doesn’t pay, try change. And if change doesn’t work, just listen to your heart, which you should have done in the first place! So we listened to our hearts and with a sense of guarded enthusiasm, boarded the safari vehicle…

Ruler amongst Ruins

Of what fabric it is sewn, we know not; from what mettle it is cast, we are unaware, that it stands so dignifiedly amidst carnage and glitters like a diamond on a dung mound, that even in the wake of a blustering wind it burns bright with all its might.