The Sunsetters

A pair of lionesses maraud on a vehicle track late one evening in search of prey.


A spaced-in conversation.


Two baboons engage in hierarchical inquiry and come to a curious crossroads about orientation.


A chat in a tent leads to a startling realisation about aloneness.

Top Eight Antelopes of Kenya

  They’re colourful, come in a variety of sizes and show true diversity and imagination with their head gear.  Scan any piece of a Kenyan wilderness expanse, and chances are you’ll spot one of them in the frame. Mostly busy feeding, they dot the savannah with their northward horns and bony legs as sitting ducks…

What The Wind Brought: Two Cheetahs, an Impala and a Hyena

The month of June was wet in the Masai Mara Game Reserve but the morning was clear and invigorating. Comely gazelles grazed gracefully in the expanse and goshawks preened on sun-kissed tree-branches. The wind was only a gentle zephyr wrapped around a caressing silence.Then the radio crackled to the news of a cheetah near the…

Towers of Peace – The Elephants of Amboseli: Part 2

If you haven’t read part one, you’re missing the entrée.  Read it here.Predisposed to making the most of our maiden Africa trip and buoyed further by the captivating scenes we had witnessed in the evening, we slept light and were up early next morning, promptly huddling into the safari vehicle for a punctual start at 6:30.Everything…