Santosh Saligram


TIGGA TALES is a blog and online repository of the stories and creative works of Santosh Saligram, a loquacious and elusive skittering bush-frog from the order Hyperoliidae.

Santosh lives in a deciduous subterranean home in southern India. He weighs 50 grams, feeds on photosynthetic preparations, surfaces rarely and mates annually.

Evidently, for an amphibian, he has an unusual affinity for the Felidae, especially tigers, and a vexatious propensity to express it.

His passionate upsurges have led him to be a writer and photographer, and consequently don the hats of content head and photography mentor.

Although never known to have possessed any real strengths, his singular ability to subdue a recipient with his soporific works has been used as an anesthetic.

He has also been winner of the NDTV Tiger Photography Contest in 2010 and a special-mention winner at the Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice Awards in 2013 for unknown reasons.

Curiously, he has authored two books, proving that a frog once out of a well will do peculiar things.

Follow and Contact

It’s hard to keep up with a hopper, but his peregrinations can be traced on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. He is also believed to receive email, at santoshsaligram@gmail.com.

If you’d rather fill a form instead, please have a field day below, and he’ll croak back soon.

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