Remembering B2

In this first of a series remembering tigers, presenting the only tiger I’ve ever seen who was a sage. B2.

The Sunsetters

A pair of lionesses maraud on a vehicle track late one evening in search of prey.


Meet a guided missile with premium-apparel branding.

How does it feel to see a wild tiger?

So how does it feel to see a wild tiger? I could tell you that waiting for a tiger to emerge feels like watching raindrops trickle off a roofline while awaiting your beloved – a wistful longing fanned by sweet anticipation. But that wouldn’t let you know what it’s like to melt in your own…

The Black Star

In a wilderness in northwestern India, much closer than the sun, lives a star. He was born nine years ago not from a supernova, but his parents’ ‘Jeans instability’. Every morning he rises – to the occasion. And every evening he sets – the stage on fire. In between, he births new stars. Without dying….