The Bold New Face of Banbehi

Female cub of Banbehi's first litter sitting on a jeep track in Bandhavgarh
It was late in the morning. The sun, having long since gained a firm foothold in the sky, climbed to dizzying heights. The ground, warmed by his telling ascent, baked the living hopes of the visitors into thin air, leaving only the most tenacious ones behind, who, including us, patiently pursued a change of luck.

For a good while those hopes seemed dry, evaporated by the hot earth into tufts of cloud overhead that cast a looming shadow of doubt on any semblance of success.

Then came a cool breeze, when it was unlikely to say the least. It was hard to pinpoint its source, for the conditions seemed rankly unsuited to the emission of a zephyr. It was only when we saw its tawny form walking alongside the road that we finally cracked it. The female cub of the Banbehi female was up and about.

Meet this third (known) generation carrier of the Banbehi baton. She may not have the heart-aching prettiness of Kankati’s girls or the cherubic charisma of Mirchani’s daughter but she has a coolness about her that is peerless.

Consider for instance that all of two years old, she thinks nothing of walking up to vehicles, always carries bagfuls of panache for generous exhibition, loves to sit on the road being admired and generally makes it hard to regard her with casual indifference.

She is plucky, precocious and pretty darned amazing.

She is the bold new face of Banbehi.

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