Revelations in the Dark

I’m the water for which you thirst, the fire in which you burn, and the air that fans it.

I’m the quiver of your lips, the throb in your belly, the blood in your cheeks and the stutter on your tongue.

I’m your frown of frustration and squeal of delight.

I’m the spring in your step, the colour in your eyes and the music in your ears. I’m the light that dazzles your ignorance, and the silence that rattles your chatter.

I’m the reality of your dream.

I’m between your breaths, under your pain and behind your thought. I’m the master of your mind.

I’m your vice and virtue, and all your glorious predicaments.

I’m the bliss that pumps through your soul and the love that flowers in your bosom and showers forth.

I’m when you’re not. I’m here and yet beyond. I’m the womb of time. I’m all there is.

I’m god. But for you I pretend to be a tiger.


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